Friday, January 18, 2013

That's life & some good news!

I've not been blogging lately because, it seems, life has taken a hold of me and not let go. We started our homeschool year and it went great. Almost as planned up until Christmas. Then we took a break and are now back into the swing of things.

Amidst all of this,I have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Yes, it's odd for an adult to be diagnosed with type 1, it is usually a childhood thing. I am learning how to navigate life with this diagnosis. It's really hard at times, but I know God is my strength.

Anyway, I also wanted to share some exciting news with all of you. A woman, in my community, recently opened up a "free store" in the walk out basement of her home. Yes, a FREE store. She takes donations of anything you don't want anymore and puts them right back out for others to take. Clothes, books, toys, home decor, etc. It's really a wonderful ministry. I realize I've veered off to the left here. (I do that frequently, walking a straight line is boring. ;) ) Back on track, my first visit out there, I found the first three volumes of Five in a Row, plus the Bible Supplement! All for free! Amazing!

So, I have started "rowing" with my two younger kids. They are 4(almost 5) and 2(almost 3). We have done Night of the Moon jellies and had a blast! At the end of the week, we took a bath with moon jellies. It was so much fun! The moon jellies are made out of clear plastic bags, a glow stick and some water. Tie them shut and you've got a moon jelly.

This week, we are "rowing" Katy and the Big Snow. We have done lots of fun things this week. On Tuesday, we painted with "snow paint," made out of shaving creme and glue.

I am so excited about this curriculum! I look forward to sharing more as we continue "rowing" throughout the year.


Elyse Rinehart said...

What is this "rowing" curriculum you are talking about? I am interested in reading more about it.

I am hopping over from Mosaic Reviews to say hi and to follow your blog. I look forward to becoming a new reader of yours. See you around! ~Elyse/Oiralinde

benbidder said...

Saying hey! Making the rounds from MR! :) Have a great weekend! :) I have not heard of rowing either, sounds interesting!

Alecia Jackson said...

Can't wait to see more posts about Five in a Row. I have researched it but not tried it. Stopping in to say hi from Mosaic Reviews!!

Laura~PeaceofthePrairies said...

"Rowing" refers to Five in a Row Curriculum. It is really fun!