Saturday, January 24, 2009


Change. Change is good. Change is life. We all need change sometimes. It's not the change that I really want to talk about though. It's others accepting our change. We are all on a path in this life. It's not for us to judge others for where they are at in their life. When we change for the better and someone still paints us with the same brush from before. It's defeating to feel this way. One thinks, why go on? Why not just stay the same? Well, I believe that even if nobody else sees it, God does. So it's totaly worth it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One word.........

Courtesy of my friend Lisa. Thanks Lisa!

Yourself: compassionate
Your partner: awesome
Your hair: messy
Your Mother: crazy
Your Father: strong
Your Favorite Item: camera
Your dream last night: labor
Your Favorite Drink: mocha
Your Dream Car: VW van
Your Dream Home: log
The Room You Are In: TV
Your Ex: ass
Your fear: nothing
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? happy
Who you hung out with last night: Rob
What You're Not: stupid
Muffins: whatever
One of Your Wish List Items: phone
Time: quick
The Last Thing You Did: breastfeed
What You Are Wearing: jeans
Your favorite weather: sun
Your Favorite Book: Bible
Last thing you ate: chocolate
Your Life: lovely
Your mood: stressed
Your Best Friends: great
What are you thinking about right now: kids
Your car: Chevy
What are you doing at the moment: breastfeeding
Your summer: hot
Relationship status: married
What is on your TV: nothing
What is the weather like: icy
When is the last time you laughed: today