Wednesday, February 20, 2013

40 Days to a Stonger Marriage - Days 6 &7

First of all I need to apologize for not posting yesterday. That happens from time to time. We had a busy day and I just didn't get to it. Again, I am so sorry.

Day 6 is all about creating a date night. In my opinion, some of the best date nights G.I. Joe and I have had, have been at home when the kids are in bed. We have a standing date night set up for Fridays. Sometimes we do go out, but most of the time we are here. We feel the kids are only young once and we don't want to leave them with a babysitter all of the time. That's our personal preference, it does not have to be yours.

I believe we need to b intentional about our marriage and setting up a date night is part of that. There are many sites on the web with ideas about date nights. I have posted some of them on my "Romance" board on Pinterest. Go take a look. Follow some ideas and let me know how it went.

I also grabbed a book from my church's library called, 10 Great Dates to Revitalize Your Marriage. I have not read through all o fit yet, so I can not say that I agree with everything the authors have written. What I have read seems pretty good.

Date one starts with making your marriage a priority. As homeschooling  parents, G.I. Joe and I have many responsibilities. We don't put our marriage above anything else, I don't believe in a "pecking order." First and foremost our relationship with Christ is number one. When that is where it needs to be the rest falls into place.

There are times that, it seems, the kids are always coming first, but we have to get creative then. We also practice a "Family Bed." We chose this for our family, and it works. I have had people ask me, "How do you have time to be intimate with your husband if your kids are always in your bed." Don't you have other rooms? Other beds? Other floor space?

Anyway, I have gotten off track. Surprise, surprise. Back to the task at hand;
(This is a pic of G.I. Joe and me while we were serving in Iraq. Sorry for the bad quality.)

Day 6
For day six, I want you to set aside one day each week for a "date night" with your husband. It can be the same day each week, or it can float. As long as you have it set. You can stay in, or hire a babysitter, whatever works for you. 

Come back and share with me what you did. 

Day 7 
Day seven is all about vocalizing your love for your husband. So often we get stuck in the rut of, "He knows I love him. I don't have to say it all the time." You may not need to "say" it. Find out what their love language is and commit to keeping their "love cup" full. This is very important to keeping your love alive

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Erika said...

I applaud you focusing first on family over blog, but am glad you are back with the posts :) For date night, the hubs and I are going to institute a pizza and movie night on Fridays (leaving itty bitty is not an option for us just yet).
Would you believe that the wife of the person who married us gave us the languages of love as a wedding gift! very insightful - I recommend it to all newlyweds!