Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decisions, decisions....

I'm in the middle of trying to decide what we will do with our homeschooling next year. I finally settled on Heart of Dakota for our curriculum. I'm totally in love with it. It's such an easy curriculum to use and it's educationally sound. It's great for an open an go type of life. I really needed this since my boys keep my so busy. We will also be accepting a new member in the family this June, so having a newborn on top of three very energetic boys. Oh boy, does that sound like a fun time! Really, we are so excited for this baby to come, and we are definitely blessed.

Anyway, I'm way off track now. Back to the HOD stuff. I keep waffling back and forth between finishing up our preschool curriculum, Little Hands to Heaven and having both boys go through Little Hearts for His Glory together. The wonderful thing about HOD is that you can do that. Carrie has it set up in this wonderful way that most of her curriculum can be used for one or more grade levels. So, I could have Lightening(my oldest) go through it using the plan for 1st grade(which I planned on doing anyway) and have Thunder(my almost 4yo) go through it with us using the kindergarten plan. Sounds good in theory, to have both of them going through the same book. It would make things so much easier on me to only have ONE master plan, with a few differences thrown in right?

I thought I had decided to just go ahead and do this. However, I don't want to rush Thunder through just to keep him in the same book as Lightening. I think that could have negative effects on his education. So, now I'm thinking that I'll just keep going through Little Hands to Heaven with him and move him on to Little Hearts for His Glory when he finishes. Lightening would just finish out the few things we are doing for his "kindergarten" and then move on to Little Hearts for His Glory in August, or before if I think I can handle it with a newborn baby. This means that I would be teaching out of two different books, but I think I'd rather do that than hold Lightening back or rush Thunder ahead.

I think my husband is getting tired of me talking about it. That or he's heard none of what I'm saying and is pretending to listen. ;)