Saturday, August 21, 2010

A whole different world

I the world of an "average family" being considered 1 or 2 kids, we look very different. Most people didn't say anything when I had three. Some would comment, but it was mostly about the fact that they are all three boys. Now that I have baby, things have changed. I hear a lot of, "You look very busy.", and "Finally got your girl huh?". While I understand that most people mean well, it's enough to know that people are staring at me. They don't have to say something too. Do they stop to think of how it makes the boys feel when they ask, "Finally got your girl?" Like my three boys weren't enough, we had to have a girl. I was just happy having boys and would've been just as happy had little Raindrop come out a girl too. I love all my children. They are all from God, regardless of their gender.

Don't even get me started on going out to eat. Even though Raindrop is only 3.5 months old, we still have to seat 5 people. Most places aren't' set up for that. Why? I have no idea. Our food takes forever for some reason and it's always expensive.

Regardless, I love my family. I don't care what others think, when I come through the store with all my kids in tow. They are loud, there's lots of us and we will be out in public. Too bad if you don't like it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This summer is going way too fast! I can't believe we are already in August. I remember summers lasting for, what seemed like, forever when I was a kid. We have had a busy summer here. It's been stormy, like much of the country, and now hot. Very hot. We are surviving though. My house is a constant mess, but the kids are happy and healthy. Adding #4 into the mix hasn't added much stress, but she sure keeps me busy.

We took a family walk yesterday evening to the lake. It was so fun. The older boys rode their bikes and daddy pushed our 2 year old and baby in the stroller. We all got some great exercise and got to see, and hold, a frog.

It seems that, even though things can and often are stressful, in this stage of raising kids we have wonderful opportunities to make lasting memories with our children. My kids are still talking about small trips we've taken and times we've had with one another in years past. We don't take big trips to Disney World, though they'd love that too. We just make the most of what is available to us locally.

So, I encourage anyone who reads this to look at a map and decide how far you are willing to drive, draw a radius around your home and explore. You can try a new park, take a trip to a small town near you, or even just spend some time in the yard with your kids. Make some lasting memories without adding stress.