We started our homeschooling journey in 2009, when our oldest was 5.  We use a variety of methods and curricula in our home. We choose to "school" year round, so we can be more relaxed and not stress out over getting done "on time." After all, life is about learning through living.

2011-2012 School year:

Along with the curriculum resources I list here, we also learn a lot from our daily activities. We read to the children daily. Have them help us do things around the house, like baking and cleaning. We also go to the library and have weekly outings with our local home school group. 

Lightening: 2nd Grade
Bible:Read a story from the Early Readers Bible daily
Grammar/Creative Writing: Grammar Punk K-2
Reading: Hooked on Phonics Grade 2 & Hooked on Phonics Master Reader
Penmanship: Joy of Handwriting Cursive
Math: Singapore Math Standards Edition 2A&2B
Science: Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding & Unit studies based upon interest
History: The Little House Series
Geography: Which Way USA from Highlights magazine
Art: Weekly art journal using various mediums & Celebrating Art

Thunder: Kindergarten
We choose to keep it simple and have him do the same as Lightening. There are a few exceptions;
Reading: Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten
Math: Singapore Early Bird Math Standards Edition

Hurricane: "Tot-School"
With Hurricane, I do a variety of fun, hands on activities four days out of the week. I center them around a weekly theme. The weekly theme usually goes along with the particular letter of the alphabet we are working on. To this I add some number, shape, and color recognition. The main point here is to keep it fun.

Below, you will find links to our various homeschooling adventures:

Tot-school week 1

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The Mrs. said...

Hi! We are also homeschoolers and I love to read about curriculum choices of others! I've never heard of the grammar program you are using. I'll have to look into it!