Friday, September 5, 2008

Being a mom

Why is it that moms are so hard on each other? We do it all the time. Judging for vaccinating or not vaccinating, breastfeeding or bottlefeeding. You name it. Why can't we just support one another?

I am a lactavist. However, I do not judge another mom for a choice she makes in feeding her child. That's her choice to make. I'd like to see every mom at least give breastfeeding a good shot, but again it's not my choice. I just want the information out there so women can easily get to it.

I guess this is one aspect of parenting that I don't like. Parents, but mostly moms, tend to be so critical of other moms. I've been guilty of it myself, but I try not to pass judgement. I raise my children the way my husband and I see fit. My children were given to me because I would raise them the way they needed to be raised. I don't have everyone else's children because my way of parenting may not fit them. Well, that and I'd go absolutely insane. LOL

Anyway, I guess my point today is, try to be accepting of everyone and don't get uptight when someone on the other side of things speaks their mind a bit. Just assume positive intent.


Lisa said...

Hear hear!

Laura said...

It was actually the convo about vaccination on our buddy group that inspired this blog. We are all actually just having a respectful discussion. Nobody's getting upset. It just hit me that it's so rare.