Friday, July 25, 2008

Following your child-like heart

As a child, I had no idea what energy healing was. Thinking back, I could feel the energy and see some auras, but I didn't know not everyone could see and feel the things I could. I grew up in the Catholic church so I knew all about Jesus and his healings, but that was so untouchable to me, or so it seemed.

Now I have children and I practice energy healing on them, around them and with them. I believe there is more than just comfort that comes from a mama's kiss when a child get's a boo boo. I believe it's a form of healing.

It's amazing to me when I am hurting and one of my children will just place their hands on the exact spot, or give me a hug out of the blue. They haven't studied any certan modality, they don't know that holding the Prime Mover will get things going, because they haven't read anything on Jin Shin Jyutsu. They haven't studed accupressure. Heck my four year old is just learning how to read.

They know what to do, because they are just folowing their instinct. Something we start to loose our trust for as we grow. I think it's important to keep this. Folowing your instinct(or consience) is vital, in my opinion, to live life. We have to make decitions every day that affect us, and everyone around us. When I talk about following your instinct, there has to be a discernment between instinct and want. You can't just do anything you want, because you think it benefits you. That is selfishness. You have to search your heart and talk with God, then wait and listen for Him to guide you.

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Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Children are very aware of their Spirituality, however as most of their parents no longer have any memory of this side of themselves; children lose these abilities because they are not encouraged and these abilities are often dismissed as fantasies.

Your encouragement and nurturing will enhance these abilities well done.

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
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