Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where have I been?

I had a baby! A little girl to be exact. She blessed us with her presence 6 weeks early, but is healthy and strong as can be. Here's the story.

I had an appointment with my home birth midwife on Wednesday afternoon. The appointment was in MN, since SD doesn't have the greatest of laws when it comes to home birth. (That's something that needs to be fixed in my opinion) After my appointment I met with my husbands aunt for supper in Sioux Falls. I had some pain starting, but just thought maybe it was a gall bladder issue cropping up and it would stop as soon as I took my supplements. We ate and parted ways.

Before I left town I knew something was not right. The pain kept getting worse and worse. I drove home anyway. My cell phone was dead, so I couldn't call Rob and let him know I was on my way, so that just added to the concern. I had all three boys with me and this pain kept getting worse. I thought I might have to stop in Brookings at the hospital it was so bad. I kept praying that if something happened that God would protect my children. I didn't know if I was having a stroke or a gall bladder attack or what it was. I reached Brookings and just kept driving. I was going WAY over the speed limit, but I didn't care. I just needed to get home to my husband.

I arrived home, stepped out of the van and doubled over. Rob came out, very concerned, and got the three boys into the house. I went in and took my blood pressure. It was 242/156!!!! Holy crap! I needed to call my MW and my doctor. I called my MW, who told me to just go straight to the hospital. I then called my doctor to let him know what was going on, he of course told me the same thing. So then I had to call my friend Carole to come watch the boys until my mother in law could get here. She lives 4 hours away and we couldn't wait that long.

As soon as Carole got here, we left for the hospital. My poor Asher was so scared. He didn't want us to leave and it broke my heart to leave with him crying like that, but we had to. My life, and possibly my baby's life, was in danger.

We got to the hospital and got through all that fun stuff that happens there. The blood tests came back and showed that I had severe toxemia. The baby had to come out now. How could this be? I was only 34 weeks along. What would this mean for the baby? What would this mean for me? What it meant was another cesarean for me and a preemie baby. I'm not sure anyone wants that. I wanted to have a home birth after all. Why?

Rob reminded me that we needed to trust God. We prayed. He laid hands on my belly, on our baby, and prayed that everything would be okay.

The nurses brought some scrubs in for Rob to change to. As he went into the bathroom to change, they wheeled me out of my room to the OR. I was prepped for surgery. Did I mention that I did not want another cesarean? My doctor and the nurses were all very wonderful. Soon after Rob got there, my sweet baby was born. The doctor asked if we knew what gender the baby was. When Rob answered no, he said, "Stand up and see." She was perfect! They brought her over to me and she was just beautiful!

They sewed and stapled me up, while Rob went with baby Isabell to the nursery. I was put into recovery until I could move my legs. It didn't take long and I was wheeled back up to labor and delivery. I got to hold my sweet little girl for the first time! Oh what a blessing she was. Soon after we got to nurse for the first time. What a beautiful feeling.

Isabell is still doing great and so am I. We are definitely praising God for this miracle. Looking at all the "what ifs" in this situation is scary. We are very thankful that we serve such a mighty God.

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McCryssy said...

What a story! So glad everyone made it safely and without major incident :)