Friday, September 26, 2008


Why is it that every single time someone brings up breastfeeding people start to say silly things? Seriously, one question leads to another and before you know it others are judging not only when another mom should stop breastfeeding, but when the need to stop nursing in public, or HOW they should be nursing in public. UGH.

I say that if you are comfortable with a lot of breast showing then do it. More power to ya. If you are more comfortable with a blanket draped over you, GREAT! That's not the point people! The point is that breastfeeding is a natural way of feeding our CHILDREN. Not just babies. Todlers breastfeed too.

Most people don't think twice about seeing half naked women on TV or billboards, yet they get upset at the thought of a woman breastfeeding! What is up with that!? God gave me breasts to feed my baby. Period.

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