Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thought on sermon from church

Blessed are those who Mourn


Isaiah 61:1-3, 1 Peter 5:10, Matthew 5:1-2, 4

I did not go to church this morning, but dh took the boys. The little one just was not ready when we had to leave, so I stayed home with him. Our pastor prints up an outline for us, so my thoughts are coming from this.

"If we do not repent(mourn for oiur sins), God cannot help us."
- I like this because it is so true. So often we get upset with God because something doesn't go our way, but how often do we stop and look at who really caused the strife? Many times we will find that it was actually ourselves that caused us this pain and heartache. For every action we make there is a concequence. Good or bad, there's still a concequence. God is a loving God. He is our father. What father doesn't want his children to succeed? I don't think any father on this planet wishes bad things to come to their child. However, there comes a point in everyones life that the parent has to let go and allow that child to deal with the concequences of their actions. God WANTS to help us all. He loves us unconditionaly, but if we aren't making the right choices his hands, in a sence, become tied.

"All who mourn and turn to God are strengthened & comforted."
- It's not easy looking at all we have done wrong. It's very hard to admit when we do things that hurt others or ourselves, but when we do God is there with us. He comforts us and lifts us up to live another day.

"Forgiveness is not forgetting"
- So often we hear, "forgive and forget." I've never understood this and Pastor touched on it today. We are not to forget our sins. We are to learn from them and do differently next time.

So live today for today. If you have not repented, do it now and enjoy the relationship with your Father the way HE created it to be.

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