Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I made two apple pies yesterday. Both totaly from scratch, including the crust. I didn't go out and buy any of it premade!! Yea me!! I love doing things like this. It gives me a connection to generations of women past who never had the luxury of buying premade crust.

I can feel them with me as I add each ingredient and roll the crust out. It becomes a spiritual experience for me. I start to feel the pride for my family and for myself as a woman. I think this is what feminism today has lost. We don't need to do everything that men do. We can do pleanty of things to make ourselves feel powerful. I fed my family three meals yesterday. I made each meal with loving care, just for them. The look on their face when they bite into thier apple pie puts me on cloud 9. Then when they liked it so much they ask for more.......... amazing.

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