Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily Schedule Revised

I have been looking at the daily schedule that I posted. Something about it wasn't working for me. It didn't seem to flow in my head. So I decided to change it. This is life. This is homeschooling. I love this part of homeschooling. If something isn't working, for whatever reason, it CAN be changed.

I have divided our day in to three chunks. We will have morning basket time, where we will do our subjects that we do as a family. This will be done in the living room, where everyone can be comfortable with blankies, lovies, etc. After morning basket time, we will move to the dining room for table time. This is where we will do our workbook stuff. Our third chunk contains our afternoon work. Here is how I have it all planned out for the day;

Morning Basket Time

Bible Reading (from Penny Gardner's list)
Devotional (Keys 4 Kids)
Foreign Language (ASL)
Hymn Study
Scripture Memory
Composer Study
Reading (I will still be working with Thunder(grade 1). Lightening(grade 3) is independent)

Table Time

Lightening(grade 3)                                      Thunder(grade 1)
Math                                                             Penmanship

                    History/Science(2 days each) together

Copywork                                                     Math

                    Artist study/Grammar(2 days each) together

Nature Study(The outdoor hour) 1 time a week
Handicrafts (The kids will just be working on one of the many options they have.)

There you have it. My new "schedule". I estimate that our morning basket time and our table time will each take us about an hour to finish, making it about 2 hours for school in the morning. Afternoon work will just take however long we need to finish.

Let me know what you think and share a link to your own schedules.

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