Monday, June 24, 2013

The Classical Historian Review

When I was asked to review a game for The Classical Historian, I can honestly say that I had never heard of them before. After browsing their WEB SITE, I was excited to receive the game they sent as I did not know which game I would get.

I received the Medieval History Memory Game and promptly opened it up. The quality of the cards is very nice. The pictures are very clear and the words can be read easily. My kids have enjoyed looking at all of the pictures and it's actually spurred some great conversations.

So far, we have just played it as a true memory game, matching the pictures. The website says you can use it in a different way to teach geography and association skills. You can place the four category cards(Europe, The Americas, The Far East, Arabia) at the top of your playing area. Then each player takes turns placing the rest of the tiles under the correct category. I'm sure we will do this in the future as this coming school year we are going to study world geography. 

Overall, this is a fun game and worth the $14.95 asking price. The people with The Classical Historian are wonderful to work with and respond quickly with answers to questions. 

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