Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Homemade Facial Cleanser

I've been using my homemade Herbal Facial Scrub daily for a long time. It's been working too. That is until I turned 30 and my skin has now become the most sensitive thing on the face of the planet! Or so it seems to me. It was time for a change.

I searched and searched for an affordable natural facial cleanser. There are some really great options out there, but I have this thing about shelling out even $10 for a bottle of stuff I'm just going to rinse down the sink. I also like to make it myself, if I can.

This lead my research in a different direction. I wanted to make my own facial cleanser. There are lots of really great recipes out there. I was inspired by a couple recipes in particular; Chamomile Facial Cleaner Recipe & Handmade Foaming Facial Cleanser. Both of these recipes are great!

Of course I had to take them and make them my own. Why not? I do if for everything else, why not this? Here's what I did:

Homemade Facial Cleanser Recipe
1/4 cup Liquid Castile Soap (I used Dr. Woods Pure Peppermint with Shea Butter)

1/4 cup water

2 tsp apricot oil (This is what I had. You can use any light oil)

2 tsp aloe vera juice (Make sure it's the natural stuff, not the green gel you can buy on the shelf of the drug store)

10 drops Vitamin E oil

I put this all into a bowl and gently stirred, with a fork, until it was mixed well. Then, I transferred it to a bottle. That's it! It took me maybe 5 minutes to make and I saved a lot of money!

As you can see from these pictures, it will separate a bit. Just give it a good shake and all is well again. This recipe filled this bottle, plus a little leftover.

Cost breakdown:
Castile Soap- I bought a 32oz bottle at Swanson Vitamins for just over $6. I get the Dr Woods brand as it's less expensive than Dr Bronners and the quality is just as good. Since I just used 2 oz of this I spent about $0.40 for this recipe

Water- Free

Apricot Oil - This is just what I had on hand. You can find Apricot Kernel Oil at Swanson Vitamins for just over $3. Using that cost, I spent about $0.25 for this recipe.

Aloe Vera Juice - The bottle I have cost me about $6, so I used about $0.06.

Vitamin E oil - I spent about $8 for the one I have. I have no idea how many drops are in the bottle. I would say that I maybe spent $0.05.

Total for this recipe: $0.76 per batch! That is way less than even the cheapest drug store brands! Plus, you get the added health benefits and satisfaction knowing that all of the ingredients are healthy and without unwanted/unneeded chemicals.

As you can see, I buy most of my items from Swanson Vitamins. I don't get paid to advertise for them, nor do I work for them. I do provide a referral link. If you order using that link, I will get a $10 reward coupon and you will get $5. Not too bad of a deal if you ask me. You are free to use my link, or not. It doesn't matter to me. Whatever you are comfortable with.

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