Monday, February 25, 2013

Blog Planner Review

I recently joined and review for Mosaic Reviews. We were asked to do a "practice review," to help us all get one under our reviewing belts. We were able to choose one of many free blog planners to review. I chose to review this blog planner by Mama Jenn.

I printed mine off and used my awesome ProClick machine to bind it. I also designed my own cover. Really, I just needed an excuse to use my Silhouette Cameo that I got for my birthday. 

1. Pretty, yet simple. I LOVED the different color flowers for each month. I also liked that there wasn't a whole lot of color. That can get to be expensive.

2. Very well laid out.

3. Easy to use.

4. I like that there is a month page with boxes to check for each social networking site. It really pushed me to get my blog out there. This is the page that I used the most.

5. The checklists are a great touch.

6. The blog posts notes page is great too. After the monthly page, this is the one I used next. It was nice to have a place to collect my thoughts, or jot an idea down to re-visit later.

7. It's "free." I say "free" because there is the cost of paper, and ink for printing. Which is minimal, but still a cost.


1. You have to print it. If you don't have a way to bind it, you are stuck with a binder or staples. Not that big of a deal really. 

2. The boxes on the monthly pages are small. It's hard to fit everything in there.

Overall, this is a GREAT blog planner. I liked it so much I am going to continue to use it. I won't even change anything about it! If you know me, that is HUGE! I tweak EVERYTHING. I highly recommend this blog planner from Mama Jenn. She does have other printables available.

After March 1st, you can read all about what the other reviewers wrote about the planner they choose by clicking on Mosaic Reviews.

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Peggy Dalley said...

Great Review. I liked this one too.