Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Choose Virtues Review

When I found out that I was going to get to do a review for We Choose Virtues I was very excited. I've been looking at this curricula for quite some time, trying to decide if I wanted to invest about $100 to buy the Homeschool Kit. Now that I've had a chance to try some of it out I don't know if I want to invest that money.

I know that many, if not most of the other reviewers for Mosaic Reviews that have had the opportunity to review this product are going to give glowing reviews. I am unfortunately not one of them. Don't get me wrong, this product isn't all bad. There were many great aspects of this product, just not enough for me to want to spend the $100.

Pros of We Choose Virtues:
1. Very cute and colorful
2. My kids LOVED the coloring pages
3. The flashcards are eye catching and just the right size for me to display in a frame.
4. My kids did seem to remember the virtue we were working on and remind each other and me about it. 
5. User friendly. It was very easy for me to understand what I needed to do with everything and how to get started. 
6. Each virtue flashcard has a cute catchphrase to help the child remember what it means.

Cons of We Choose Virtues:
1. Uses a lot of guilt inducing terminology.
2. I had to choose different Scripture verses for each virtue as a result of this. 
3. Each virtue flashcard has an "I am NOT..." sentence to help the child remember what the virtue is not. In my opinion these don't always line up with what each virtue is about or not about.
4. The focus seems to be on behavior modification, not getting to the heart of the child. 

I would like to explain a bit more about why I don't like and/or agree with this curricula.

 Let me start by giving you an example of the flashcards; The "I am Obedient" flashcard says, "I am not argumentative, unwilling or slow and I don't refuse to do what I am told!" Yes, I will agree with most of that. I will not agree with the use of "slow" as an example of what not to be. Every one's definition of slow is going to be different. I don't want mindless drones of children that jump when I say jump. I want my children to think for themselves.

Like I said in point #4, the focus seems to be on behavior modification. This is needed at times, but should NEVER be the focus of a parent. The focus should be on the child's heart. This is much more than ensuring your child obeys your every command. I want my children to obey me because they love and obey God's commands. Not because they fear any punishment that I could give them. After all, I'm a sinner too. Who am I to put myself as judge, jury and executioner, when that is not my position? Oh my! I seem to have stepped onto my soapbox there. Sorry. Back on track. With the use of the character assessment charts given with this curricula, I feel it focuses too much on the behavior modification aspect. This may give you very well behaved children, but is there heart where it needs to be? 

That being said, I will continue to use the coloring pages and virtue topics. We have been working on one a week. That seems to be going well. Each week, I have put the flashcard in a frame and put it on top of a bookshelf in my living room. There, we can see it throughout the day. I have chosen different Bible verses for each virtue and we will continue to work on our Scripture memory each week.

If you do decide you would like to purchase this product, use the code VIRTUE15 for 15% off!

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Thanks to Heather McMillan at We Choose Virtues for providing these products for me to review. 


Clara Brown said...

I appreciate your honest review of this product. You definitely addressed some of the concerns I had while reading through more positive reviews. I am curious to know if this product can help children come to a deeper understanding of WHY they need these virtues, rather than just knowing them by rote.

Laura H. said...

It does address some of they why. When we were going through it, I expanded a LOT of what I talked about though. I don't want my children just to memorize things. I want them to understand the why.