Thursday, March 7, 2013

40 Days to a Stronger Marriage ~ Day 20

Today is just a continuation of yesterday. Hopefully, you all learned what your husbands love language is. Today, I want you to commit to learning more about it.

My husbands love language is "physical touch." This never used to be a problem for me. I loved it to. I always wanted to be touching him in some way, holding hands, snuggling, etc. Well, then the kids came. Four kids 8 and under, kind of takes all the touch out of a person. This is something I will need to work on.

The Love Languages site has some information about each language. I encourage you to buy the book. I don't care where you get it, I don't make any money on your purchase. I just think it's a very good book for married couples to read and apply.
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Day 20
Learn more about your husbands love language and commit to speaking it to him every day.

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